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Having the reputation for being one of the best webcam sites in the business, LiveJasmin old version pops up on suggestion lists on many review websites. People are praising it left and right, saying how old edition of LiveJasmin helped them make their dreams come true.

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But, why and how? What is it that makes LiveJasmin a great cam site and how does it deliver joy to people from all around the world. Well, upon registering, you will get the answers to those questions. LiveJasmine is definitely one of the greatest webcam sites available out there. It has numerous models, even more categories and the prices are quite fair. Navigating the website is literally a piece of cake and it offers a lot to its users. All of the cams are HD, which makes it more than worth your time. That is why it is no wonder that people are praising LiveJasmin. In the following review, we will try to go in depth concerning certain aspects of LiveJasmin, in order to present and rate every little thing that this website has got to offer.

The Shows

At the core of every cam site are the webcam shows. It is as simple as that. When it comes to old edition of LiveJasmin though, you can safely say that it shows are simply stunning. Naturally, this is because the models appearing in them are highly professional, but let us disregard that fact for a moment. What you get on LiveJasmin are one-on-one shows with hot girls/guys/transsexuals, hot flirt sessions, soul mate sessions, fetish shows, séances with couples, chats with lesbian models, live chats with mature women and last, but not least, male models specialized for chats with women. As you can see, there is a bit of something for everyone on this site and that is where its main strength is.

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Public chats are, naturally, completely free of any charge. You can chat with every model who is online and not in a private room. Some of these models are more than willing to do certain things even in these public sessions. Also, one thing should be said about the shows – almost all of them are in HD. Rarely, if ever, will you see a model with a cam that is not in HD. The quality of the image does depend on the speed of your internet connection, but you will never experience any kind of a problem when it comes to streams. People at LiveJasmin have really made sure that everything works perfectly at any given time.

Another thing which you should remember about the shows is that during the private chat sessions you will basically be in control of things happening on your screen. Almost all of the models are ready to listen to your instructions, if those instructions are within their comfort zones, naturally. You can also take a peek at private shows with other customers, but you will not be in control there. Still, the cost for these sessions is significantly lower than when you are in charge during the private sessions.

The Models

Cam models are an integral part of a website, and luckily, previous edition of LiveJasmin has a lot to offer. There are over 65,000 models available on the website and around 3,000 of them are available online at any given moment. This is a hefty number and it just represents the scale of the website. Most importantly, the models are of a wide variety. If you were to click on the categories section (which is neatly situated near the search box in a form of a button), you would find tons of options by which to sort models. Ranging from Asian to Latinas, from petite ladies to BBWs, from redheads to blondes, from busty to bootylicious – you will find all types of girls/boys/transsexuals available for live chat on this website. Another great feature of this search is the ‘willingness’ section. By using this option, you will get to find a model that enjoys doing a particular thing during their cam shows. This is another great feature about LiveJasmin previous version – besides having all sorts of models, it also has models that are willing to do specifics things, such as anal penetration or footjobs. You can also find additional information about every single model on their bio page. Also, there are models who do shows in different languages, which is a huge plus.

What should be mentioned about these models is their professionalism. Without this, their shows would simply fall apart. Luckily, it seems like people at LiveJasmin old version know what they are doing because each and every one person performing on the site knows exactly what he/she should do in order to make viewers feel both horny and comfortable. This applies to both public and private chats. There is not a chance that you will encounter a model who behaves in one way during public shows and in completely the opposite way during private ones. Plus, in case there is any trouble with an of the models, you can always contact the customer support which is online 24/7.

Besides all of this, it should be noted that female ones are the predominant type of model appearing on Live Jasmine, which is, of course, to be expected. Still, there is a large number of both male and transsexual performers. They come in various shapes and forms, just like the girls. It is safe to say that because of the number and the variety of cam models, is one of the biggest webcam sites in the world.

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The Price

From the financial aspect, Live Jasmine will not empty your pockets. But, it is also not that cheap. Depending on the type of the show, as well as the sort of model, chat shows can cost you from $2 to $3 dollars per minute. When you register initially, you will get 9.99 credits for free. In order to obtain more credits, you will need to purchase one of the packages. Naturally, the highest package will give you the most bonuses in form of additional free credits. These packages range from $29.99 USD for 28.99 credits to 159.99 USD for 169.98 credits. As you can see, you will benefit more by purchasing the largest package.

One other thing should be noted as well – namely, has a thing called credit auctions where you will be able to bid for 200 credits and get them at a much lower cost. It is really fun to participate in these auctions and it can also be rewarding. You should be warned that prices vary from region to region.


From the very number of models to the variety of cam shows that it offers, previous version of is definitely one of the leaders of the webcam industry. This website has been around for quite some time (ever since mid-2000’s, in fact) and it has grown from its humble beginnings to a cam industry giant that sits on the forefront and delivers joy to numerous people from all over the world. You should know that the website is available in numerous different languages, which says enough about just how big it is. old site

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The prices for live cam shows on old version of LiveJasmin are not cheap, but they are not pricey either. It would be appropriate to call them fair. But, the amount of content, as well as the amount of fun you get out of the shows available on this website is more than worth your money. Indeed, it is really hard to find a fault with this cam website. If we were to pick something out and label it as bad it would be the fact that there the prices for credits packages depend on the region from which you hail. This difference is almost non-existent, but it is there. Also, the search option can be messy at times. Still, this is not something that would prevent people from enjoying the live chat shows on And that is what matters when it comes to these types of websites. As it turns out, Jasmin has some of the best shows and models found anywhere online. You see, its popularity has a valid and firm background which comes from years upon years of satisfying their users.

If you are willing to experience thrills of a webcam show, be sure to head over to LiveJasmin. They care about their customers and put them in the first place. Also, they are dedicated to hiring only the hottest models and the most professional ones. We highly recommend previous version of LiveJasmin to lovers of cam shows.


  • Over 65,000 models of all types
  • Fair prices
  • Mostly HD cams
  • Seamless streaming of the shows
  • Fair prices
  • Hot models
  • Availability of the site itself and its shows in different languages
  • Over 3,000 models online at any given moment
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Search option is effective and great, but it can be messy at times
  • Different prices for different regions

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